Photography Policy

Everything you need to before taking photos in our centres.

Please think before taking photographs or video.

Customers may take photos while taking part in Sporting or Fitness activities within the Family or social group.

You are requested not to include other facility users without their prior consent.

If you are unsure if you can take photographs during your visit, please ask at reception.

Photography or Video

Advanced written permission is required for any commercial photography or video recording.

Please contact the duty officer on site a minimum of 7 day prior to your intended photo/video shoot.

Mid Devon Leisure reserve the right to refuse applications not deemed suitable.

No photography or Video

Under no circumstances will any photography or video be allowed in any of the following areas;

Changing facilities, toilets, shower areas, or within the swimming pool water.

If you have concerns about someone else taking photos or any other form of image recording, please speak to the duty officer.