Leisure Hub is our online booking system. You can access your account details, make bookings, payments, subscriptions and find all your activity history in one place.

Leisure Hub is a new and advance Leisure Booking and Payment system designed to provide customers with an innovative online account management system allows you access to your online account 24/7. Once activated by the account holder, the online platform can offer you flexibility, safety and control over your fitness journey. The online platform can be accessed by both members and pay as you go customers, all that is required to make a booking online is an account.

The old bookings system is still available however we strongly advise you sign up to the upgraded version. All of the information on the booking system has been migrated over to Leisure Hub which is super easy to use, make bookings, manage your account and more.

Activation of an online account is simple.

  1. Follow the link to Leisure Hub Here 
  2. Click on LOG IN
  3. Choose from the 2 options

I’m A Member But I Need To Create An Online Account or I’m New And Would Like To Sign Up

I’m a member but I need to create an online account –

This option can be used for customers who have accessed Mid Devon Leisure and have a registered email address on our system. This may have been for a membership, swimming lessons, gym booking, etc.

Follow the instructions inputting the exact details that you gave to Mid Devon Leisure when you created your account i.e. email address, date of birth etc. Create a new password and press CREATE.

I’m new and would like to sign up –

This option can be used for customers registering for the very first time. For example, the being used has never been registered for any activity booking with Mid Devon Leisure.

Follow the instructions and input your details ensuring that everything is spelt correctly. Create a password and CREATE.

  1. After this you will receive an email either asking you to confirm your email or you will be given an access code to fill in.
  2. Return to the Leisure Hub site and input your Username and Password.
  3. Once your account is confirmed you can choose the Leisure Centre that you wish to make a booking for and continue with your online bookings.

As this will be the first time you are receiving an email from the leisure hub it may go into your spam box so please ensure you check there first.

Please ensure you have agreed to T’s & C’s.

If you have tried all these things and still can’t get into your account / create an account, please contact your centre team on:

Culm Valley 01884 234320

Exe Valley 01884 234900

Lords Meadow 01884 234970

You may be entering details that are incorrectly stored on our system, please ensure you are using the details you originally registered with.

You may already have a registered account and be putting in the password incorrectly, please try ‘Forgot Password’ here.

Every account must be registered with a different email address. Once an email address is registered to an account it cannot be used for another person’s account (e.g. your child). 

Once you have added an item to your basket, you then have 15 minutes to book/pay for the item before it is removed and available for other customers to book. 

For help, advice and further information, please contact the centre team at memberships@middevon.gov.uk or call your centre direct:

Culm Valley 01884 234320

Exe Valley 01884 234900

Lords Meadow 01884 234970

Our team are available:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 3pm