Active Start

Exercise on Referral.

What is the Active Start scheme?

The Active Start scheme provides specialised, supervised exercise sessions for anyone whose fitness and health conditions can be improved by regular exercise. The scheme aims to help people get into exercise/restart after injury/ill health. The scheme runs for 12 weeks and participants need to be able to commit to at least one exercise session per week.

Who is suitable for the scheme?

It is suitable for a wide range of people and conditions, including those who may not have exercised before, or not for a very long time. Examples of conditions include: high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health issues and arthritis.

What are the benefits for participants?

Many benefits are gained by taking regular exercise including improved muscle tone, strength, fitness, energy levels, mobility and flexibility, a decrease in body fat, maintenance of a healthy body weight, a boost in confidence, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, reduced risk of heart disease, increased bone density as well as all the social/mental benefits.