Teen Gym

Starting exercise early.

What is Teen Gym?

The sessions are for children aged 11-15 years old and are supervised by fully qualified fitness instructors. The fitness team will ensure that the children have fun in a safe environment using the correct techniques and equipment to gain the best health and fitness benefits.

We believe that exercise should be fun and that the social side is very important, so we encourage interaction and gym challenges to provide a fun element! These challenges are optional; however we have found that our young fitness members really enjoy taking part!

How it works

Before your child starts teen gym they will need to complete a health questionnaire and a code of conduct will need to be signed by the child and parent/guardian.

On their first session they will either be given a free booking card to allow them to pre-book teen gym sessions and pay on arrival or a membership can be arranged.

For the first 4-6 sessions the teens will be shown various types of equipment, which is deemed safe and suitable for each individual to use. At the end of that time a bespoke programme can be designed for them. Having a personalised programme will help with guidance and achieving fitness goals!

Unable to attend Teen Gym sessions

For children who cannot attend the teen gym sessions they are able to use the gym under the supervision of a parent/guardian. This option will require the child to book in with an instructor who will put together their programme and the parent/guardian will also need either to attend this session or book in their own ‘quick start’/’gym start. This is to allow the parent/guardian to competently supervise their child with specific equipment.

The parent/guardian does not have to use the gym themselves during these sessions but they do need to be in the gym for the duration of their child’s session.